About Insight Firearms Training


Ken Delahunt Lead Trainer and Owner of Contreforce Group, LLC  in addition to studying many disciplines within the Firearms Training Industry  for many years has also studied and adopted  Matt and Sherrie Seibert ‘s “Insight Firearms Discipline” as the predominant training offered by Contreforce

We are proud to become the official affiliate of INSIGHT FIREARMS TRAINING DEVELOPMENT in the Northeast US Area

Following Matts association with the Legend Jeff Cooper as Manager of “Gunsight Firearms Training” he & Sherrie Seibert developed

“The Neuro-Psychology to Instant Precision Accuracy” an “Out of the Box Training” far in advance of anything witnessed by the Industry before.

They have taken the best of what has been taught over the years by some of the greats and gone not merely Transformational but Trans-dimensional.

It is not only Interesting and fun but is far beyond to the future of even Tactical LE Firearms Training.

I believe that those who train in Law Enforcement in this discipline and incorporate it into their respective Departmental Training, will be able

to deploy officers who are more confident and assured that they can handle any situation they may encounter. Most importantly,

“It Will Save Lives”

Ken Delahunt

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